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  • Semi Industrial Equipment
  • FBM Continuous Tempering / Enrobing Machines
  • Machines for Bean-To-Bar Processing
  • Dedy 320 Enrobing Line
  • Candy Cooking Equipment
  • Confectionery Guitar Cutters
  • Other Cutter Solutions

Chocolate and Confectionery Equipment Supplier

Chocolate Machines - Artisan & Semi Industrial

TCF Sales is pleased to announce that Chocolate World tempering, enrobing and molding machines have recently been added to complete our semi-industrial product offerings. Chocolate World products are designed and produced in Belgium to provide the market a serious semi-industrial alternative; quality build, and best functionality at the best price. --Truly a great value.

Dedy enrobing lines with cooling starting at $43K and entry level enrobers from Dedy and FBM starting at $14,500 with automatic continuous tempering, plus equipment from Savage Bros., FBM and Packint. 

TCF Sales provides high quality Chocolate and Confectionery Equipment and tools for producing professional chocolates, confections and pastries -- Best chocolate machines at the best price, guaranteed.

Candy Stoves  Candy Mixers & Cookers  Fudge Makers 

Find professional candy stoves and copper kettles as well as candy mixers and cookers, plus chocolate conditioners and tempering machines. Tanks for chocolate and icing are available in many sizes to customize your production needs.  

Nansin Dollies  Silicone Molds • Confectionery Equipment

Chocolate machines and equipment is our specialty but we also offer a wide range of confectionery tools, silicone baking molds, chocolate molds, and other specialty items like chocolate fountains and hot chocolate dispensers, and popular Nansin dollies...all at the best prices.  SEE MORE...